The Goliath List

Please refer to legal disclaimer at the end, which explains how the entire post is meant for entertainment purposes only.

An Unbearable Ugliness of Modern Life 

I recently wrote a number of pieces whose subject matter could be considered ugly and in poor taste — mostly personal attacks on people I once considered colleagues, industry experts, friends, family, and lovers.

For those unacquainted with me, I want to state emphatically my life has been, and continues to be, committed to promoting beauty and good taste. These pieces are responses to an ugliness that is so vile and pervasive, it can no longer be accepted in our daily lives. This ugliness must be excised from society like the malignant tumor it is before it achieves its aim of destroying all that is sacred and beautiful.

This ugliness has many names and appears in many guises: multimillionaire politicians, wandering tech-nomads millionaires, dirty-look-giving, endless-summer boomers in spotless white Capri’s, dark-monied Bermudian holding companies, Venture Capitalists, jacked-Jeep-driving, passive-investor, diminutive, white douche-bags, and the kids in most private school hallways. Since there are so many, for the sake of economy and historical pertinence, I will here forward refer to these ugly people and institutions collectively as “Goliath.”

Everything Goliath says “fuck you for being poorer than me.” 

My Life As Goliath’s Jester and Bitch

Prior to 2019, Goliath loved me. They used me to paint a coherent vision of humanity that lived within the earth’s noticeably dwindling resources and increasingly hostile ecology. Whether as a minimalist or micro-apartment advocate, I proved to Goliath that the market would persist–as long as everyone moved into a in Scandinavian-hued, 600-square foot micro-apartments near the park. The future was a matter of buying the right stuff and living in the right place.

Look, David and Finn seem okay. But they’re so not. Dad was arrested four times in 2020 (3x in one January week) for speaking truth to power. Finn was mistreated by a paint-by-numbers NYC DOE was used as a pawn by big real estate. He hasn’t seen his dad — his best friend — in two years. His dad misses him so much and is very, very unhappy with the people who created this situation. 

In 2019, I went off-script when the shit they asked me to craft into a happy story just didn’t create a believable narrative. I couldn’t make my own story make sense to me, much less a story about how Goliath was helping anyone but themselves. 

Though from a sterling family, I have never made, had, or needed much money. I was born with the great fortune of being able to receive the power and respect most people seek through money and accumulation without accumulating money and stuff, whose accumulation takes a lot of work, upkeep, and carbon. In his last days, my father impressed on me how a disproportionate percent of carbon emissions come from rich people in “developed” industrial nations. I wanted to limit my participation in this destruction.

I now believe my lack of money was a condition of Goliath’s affection. It needed me to be free of corruption in order to see market conditions as they were. It also needed me dependent on rich women dwelling in their world of impotent, low-born, soft men. As a humble, animated hunk, Goliath gave me just enough work, money, and attention to get by and stay alive, but never enough to stop, get ahead, or achieve economic or professional parity. If I were to advance in those ways, I’d surely suggest replacing the greedy Goliath, who often takes on a critical capital role, but limited operational role in most of today’s major economic markets. 

It took a while to realize Goliath’s was affection was in fact acquisition — the only way Goliath knows how to relate to the world. In kicking my tires, Goliath did whatever it wanted to me, lying to me, using me up, throwing me out, and trying — quite unsuccessfully — to break me. 

Seriously, folks, we know how this story ends. Give up, already. Your time is up. 

No stranger to being beaten and battered, I Tweeted recently that I owe my success to standing on the necks of giants. 

In the same way Goliath exploited my naivete to elevate themselves, I’m stepping on their fragile egos, bullshit accomplishments, and calling attention to their negative social value in order to advance my crusade to save life and promote beauty on earth. 

To be clear, Goliath has been throttling its own neck for years, abusing the planet, enslaving and mistreating those who feed and keep them alive, forever finding ways to avoid working, curbing freedoms to keep their options open, forever borrowing against the future. 

I’m merely pointing stuff out and developing a way people can come together to socially and economically disarm and disenfranchise the resource-hogging, Truth-obscuring, beauty-hating Goliath before it destroys all Nature and all Creation. 

I’m done giving chances. 

Seriously, is this not clear? When will Goliath stop building Castles made of sand — i.e. glass is actually sand? FFS.

I’ve communicated — at first gently, then increasingly emphatic — that the planet was running out of resources, that all life on earth was at risk of annihilation. But whenever I thought Goliath was changing Its ways, I’d find It jonesing for more cash, properties, servants, and bigger and better stuff — all of which they were willing to get through market manipulation and labor exploitation. 

I realized that Goliath is A-Okay using non-rich people as slaves. My guess is many are descended from slave-owners and never learned how bad slavery was bad for the slaves. 

Modern slaves are expected to unquestionably sacrifice their days, nights, and weekends — for $12/hour — in the service of keeping Goliath isolated from the plagues caused by their psychosis and greed and momentarily satisfying their empty, G_dless souls.

Why is it so much to ask to live that people demand a world where they can live without being unreasonably harassed, beat, killed, and enslaved, really? 
Someone explain to me why this is okay in any context? 

Get the fuck out of here, G. It’s your time to pay.

If you can look at this and feel okay, you’re not okay. 

Giving Goliath a Pass on Class

At the heart of Goliath’s violence is an inherent sense of lack. Because they live in a materialistic, G_dless universe free from mystery and appreciation for the unseen, they only value what can be bought or shown off in a way that’s recognizable to those they are trying to impress. The expression, “one can never be too rich or too thin” illustrates Goliath’s surface-level economic worldview. Nothing, including themselves, is ever enough.

All of Goliath’s peak experiences revolve around momentary whiffs of pleasure after a purchase or achievement. These things provide Goliath momentary cessations from their boundless Samsaric suffering — commerce is the only heaven they know, thus purchases become indispensable tools for self-realization, rather than a consumer choice. A Sprinter van becomes an intrinsic key to wholeness and sense of adventure for an unhealthy, overworked coder. A McMansion with two BMWs in the garage becomes an intrinsic key to wholeness and sense of affluence for a stressed out, nouveau riche suburban family. When their sense of wholeness invariably fades, Goliath seeks bigger stuff to fill bigger holes, requiring more labor, resources, and borrowed cash — which the Fed happily provides, along with generous accommodations for those selling high-margin Chinese crap. 

Given Its cost’s, does Goliath deserve room on earth’s surface any longer? 

Goliath’s desperation is driven by their child-like wish It was someone else living another life — usually celebrities, athletes, or people with inherent class. 

Yet their purchases work at cross purposes with their aim of social elevation, since lives free of discomfort and adorned with purchased and/or inherited achievements is the worst way to make oneself interesting, attractive, or classy. So Goliath goes about Its life in a state of perpetual spiritual poverty, hoping their stuff and unimportant achievements will make them appear bigger, taller, smarter, and classier — more G_d-like.

G_d, gods, shamans, gurus, witches, religion, and other arcane systems discarded by Goliath, once helped everyone cope with general conditions most humans meet when coming out of the womb. Those systems helped with many inescapable existential bummers such as natural disasters, unexpected misfortune, injustice, sickness, and death. 

But materialism, promising instant salvation, beauty, and class, beat G_d. Attaining humility and preparing for the hereafter was replaced by victory to he who dies with the most toys. These sneakers, this home, this degree promises to shunt its beholder into Heaven, today! This trip also provides an amazing investment opportunity — 1,000x better returns than the Catholic Church! 

Who needs self-acceptance, when beauty is a nip, tuck, sculpt, injection, and payment away? 
Showing G_d who has the real power. 

Faced with the fear death and missing out on peak experiences — #FOMO being the Instagram era’s version of “Thy will be done” — Goliath drives large vehicles and travels and shits on fragile ecosystems in the era of climate change. In pursuit of beauty, Goliath gets $300 haircuts and wears $1,500 jackets while millions starve or suffer from malnourishment. In pursuit of self-esteem, Goliath boasts of investment earnings and Venture raises while driving their Teslas past homeless encampments on their way to work. In pursuit of comfort and status, Goliath buys ugly, bloated, poorly-designed, high-maintenance primary and second homes, when so many have no home or can barely pay for their one.

Those of us not so disposed need to stop approving of, paying for, operating, and servicing their delusions. Seriously.

Open disapproval, hostility, and noncooperation are good places to start.

That Shit Ain’t Right

Media has done a great job of defining societal values and norms. It has normalized deformed looking celebrities, victims of dangerous surgical procedures. Media has made it normal for world leaders to be pederasts and unapologetic nepotists. It has normalized listening to rich, evil people on death’s door and their thoughts about how society should approach the future. It’s made it normal to give credibility to propped up children masquerading as experts and tastemakers because someone bought a Twitter and Instagram following.

Trust me. My family made its money exploiting black people mining minerals in deep, underground African mines. I am offend one would accuse me of hiding information.

This shit ain’t right. These are things that should send people to the nether regions of relevance, yet we are forced to care about them. Why? Because they uphold the virtues of hard work, subservience to a benevolent, rich-white-folk-run government and market economy, and the myth of socioeconomic upward mobility if everyone — but them — follows their rules. did you learn on the NY Times, today? 

As a society, we need to stop treating the perverted as awesome. Stop congratulating people when they reach bullshit milestones in a broken system: when they make millions, graduate law school, get married, purchase a new car/ home, or fly to on an exotic vacation. The millions were stolen. The degree will be irrelevant in a few years when loan payments start getting collected. The marriage and family will be too stressed to be happy or last. The car will be traded or end up in a landfill in a decade. The house is too big and located in an area defined by historic redlining. The exotic vacation creates 20-times the GHG emissions of the exotic peoples visited.

These things must be seen for as the criminal acts they are and not excused away. The people most responsible for perpetuating and profiting from these eco-and-athrocidal schemes must be brought to task.

It’s time for society to stop celebrating Goliath’s ugliness and violent accomplishments. We are celebrating people who should be condemned, and it’s time to name names.

Background on The Goliath List

In 2019, I took a sloppy stand for beauty and truth and a first assault on Goliath, treating It as the threat it was. I realized Goliath’s plan amounted to a deliberate genocide, hording as much capital — aka “dry powder” — as they could, hoping it would insulate them in their DC, Maldives, or Connecticut hill home while the world burned and/or be was submerged and devolved into chaos. 

Wise to this plan, I let many who fancied themselves classy aware of their profound ugliness, hoping to expose Goliath’s genocidal intentions. 

There was one big problem with my plan: it depended on me being heard. 

Pictured are my two sons, Ryder, red shirt, and Finn Daniel, red cap at the 2019 Brooklyn Mile on Father’s Day. They are used as pawns to silence me. I have had no contact with either, including one way and supervised video communication, in two years. Their removal was after 3.5 years in Family Court attempting to extricate myself from a party I can’t mention for legal reasons. 

Goliath is a master of coordinated obfuscation, harassment, and subjugation. 

My extremely vocal stand across social media and direct communication (calls, emails, and text) led to my expulsion from New York City, my home of 19 years. MY theretofore impossibly stainless, multi-generational reputation, integrity, and sanity were called into question and destroyed as much as one can do such things (I’m quite aware my transformed reputation is being forged by my response). 

I lost my ability to make money in my industry, real estate, and have had to beg and borrow to get by the last two year. I was blacklisted by major media — especially the The New York Times — and subjected me to repeated NYPD harassment, including them ambushing me at a school pick-up, four arrests (once out of Court Chambers over a deleted Instagram post the DA later said was not illegal), and well-documented physical abuse. Most heartbreaking, I have had all access with my two young sons completely removed — including one way communication and supervised video conferences — for two years with no end in sight.

The enormity of my woes has something to do with the improvisational nature of my attacks. I freaked out when I realized I had no real reinforcements in my quest saving the world. I thought Goliath was trying to help. I got really pissed off when I realized the contrary. I started swinging — or talking, to be more accurate. Among other tactics, I launched an improvised presidential and NYC mayoral campaigns. Somewhere, there’s police video of me giving a NYC Mayoral stump speech from the back of a squad car. I encourage any members of the press interested in my claims to contact Brookyn’s 72nd Precinct’s Officer Figueira directly (917–416–6802) to request copies of that footage or that of him arresting me out of Family Court Chambers on Friday the 13th, 2020. I’d love to hear what he has to say. 

Anyhow, though my heart was in the right place, my fists/words often failed to connect. I got sloppy, wore myself out, got arrested, chased, and I burnt out.

This post and list is the culmination of two years meditating on attack strategies — doing so from a state where I am not quite as worried about being arbitrarily arrested or killed by the police. Sample lessons: succinct, explanatory, humorous writing is an effective weapon, while dropping two-and-a-half grams of mushrooms and causing a shutdown of a Brooklyn Courthouse causes too much collateral damage.

Goliath is big, but Its fragile and weak. It spends Its days maintaining and attempting to augment Its bumps of power and satisfaction with their worlds. 

They don’t know what a guy who relies on his faith in G_d is capable of. With G_d’s power, I never feel inadequate or under-powered. With G_d’s love guiding me, brandishing Mañjuśrī’s sword, there’s not blow that’s too violent (figuratively) or insult too harsh for my enemy.

Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them.

Jeremiah 11:11

Believers get it. Non-believers don’t. Oh well. It’s not like the information was buried. 

I don’t think I’m alone in my anger.

I’m wiser and more strategic now. I travel in a small world of beautiful places, reasoned behavior, and nice, helpful people. 

Under my down-turned hat, dark sunglasses, and beneath the blare of beautiful music, I live in a world free from Goliath and Its perversions. Since leaving the Goliath-run world and its bizarre value system, my days have been far less charged and I can focus on constructive action and making things nice. I sleep better.

But my name is Friedlander, not Containedlander or Exilelander. There’s a certain point where ugliness reaches such proportions there’s almost no place for beauty to safely go. I call this point “peak vulgarity” and its the state of the world today.

The purple represents exurban, single-family housing growth in some of America’s most climatically vulnerable metros — all at the behest of large developers and investment houses like Blackrock and Related. 

The world has been trained to ignore and often endorse the profound ugliness present in every facet of modern life — not only of billionaires traveling to the moon while the earth is devastated by climate impacts, but of parades of newly-minted millionaire 1-percenters in their big, new cars and big, living in big, new homes, ignoring and starving out the remaining 99-percent, many of whom are barely getting by. 

Whether it was the 1929 market crash, 1789 France, or the fall of ancient Babylon, peak vulgarity always presages calamity.

The crowd is not there to celebrate the achievement of France’s rich. 

It’s not my aim not to avoid calamity . I know a good disruption — or, more accurately, “reckoning” — is a preferable outcome to perpetuating the violent productivity modern society calls “order.”

For my part, I will spend my days stopping these violent people. I will do this methodically, in narrative form, and I will explain why these people deserve condemnation. I will explain why, if you see these people on the streets, you have a right to ask them questions about their wealth. If you see them in the store in Brooklyn, or LA, or wherever, you can see them for the genocidal maniacs they are — I recommend cutting ahead of them in line as payback!

Probably the most important thing you can do is let them experience the poverty they profited from. Stop buying their products, stop paying their rents, stop caring for their children, stop making their food (or spit in it), and definitely shit on or ignore their accomplishments. By paying attention to them and their stupidity, their self-appointed positions at the top of society’s economic food chain is reinforced. While tempting, it’s critical for society to control its impulse to care about unimportant, violent people and their stuff. 

These women are so, so unattractive, awful, and, per the watermark, average. 

I’m starting the list and will be continually filling it out. The first cohort are all, save a couple, people I’ve had extensive interactions with and feel very good about condemning. The ones I don’t know directly are ones like Stephen Ross, who’s evil needs little explanation. Many more names will be revealed, and many will get posts on each of the names, if I have the time and a good yarn.

And Finally, the Goliath List, Itself

If you’d like someone featured, please feel free to drop me a line. I’m considering starting a negative PR company whose sole purpose is shining light on dark people — though I’d just assume do something positive. 

Confucius said “the beginning of wisdom is the ability to call things by their right names.” It’s time to start calling murderers and slave owners by their proper titles, imbuing them with the class, treatment, and riches they truly deserve.

With that, let the Judging begin. 

Legal Disclaimer: While this post mentions actual people and events, the entirety of the post is meant for entertainment purposes only. None of the following statements are to be considered factual or true. I, David Friedlander, the author, place complete intellectual and legal burden of conclusions derived from reading what I have written upon the reader. Further, none of my statements are meant or should be considered legally binding or intended as a means to communicate with any person(s); further, the fantastic, deliberately ambiguous nature of my writing precludes any of my statements, including those statements in any and all linked posts, and those statements as they relate to my children, to be used as evidence for arrest or proof of my mental fitness, lack thereof, or any other legal proceeding intended to limit my ability to freely exercise my First Amendment Rights as an American, writer, historian, researcher, seeker, and — above all else — a storyteller. I have a decade of notes showing how I use the written word to make sense of the world, hoping that inquiry has relevance for those who choose to read what I write. TLDR: I’m just telling my too-fantastic-to-be-real stories. Truth is in your Court.

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